Donkey went with Mary, and Joseph to see Father Christmas. When asked which present they wished for most they said God’s Peace to be with us all as we remember the birth of the Prince of Peace on Christmas Day.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys came to England with the Roman invasion of Britain.

24th – Today Donkey helped Mary & Mabel prep carrotts and make sausage rolls, and had a ride on Mabels trike.

Daily Donkey Fact: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young Donkey

23rd – Today Donkey visited David and Nicholas and made sausage rolls and bird feeders

Daily Donkey Fact: ‘Wearing donkey ears’ is used to describe foolishness in Russia.

22nd – Today Donkey went to visit Jo, Andrew and Steven and he watched The Grinch with Steven In the morning.

Daily Donkey Fact: ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ is a children’s game involving blindfolds.

21st – Today, Donkey travelled on an important mission to deliver Christmas Presents to children with Mim and then helped Katy to decorate her Christmas Cake.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys keep a normal clock and will go to sleep at night with the other farm animals, but they snooze while standing up.

20th – We looked at the lights in Christine’s garden today which we thought would be very good to guide us to Bethlehem.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys can pull about twice their body weight across flat even terrain.

19th – Today Donkey enjoyed a long walk with his new friend Poppy while they delivered Christmas cards.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkey’s love bananas, and they aren’t put off by the bitter taste of the peel like humans are. Many donkeys will take the whole thing right out of your hand,

18th Dec – Jenny and Keith were happy to welcome donkey and to share our Christmas goodie bag from the chapel with him. Keep safe and well donkey.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys like to munch on grasses, grains, oats and barley straw. Domesticated donkeys are usually fed hay, but they enjoy special treats like apples, pears, beets, bananas, bread, and molasses.

17th Dec – Joseph, Mary and Donkey surprised Ella-Jane when she got home from school today. They went outside with her and had a play on her red swing.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys have been recorded in everything from ancient Egyptian artwork to merchant scrolls about people travelling the Silk Road.

16th Dec – We dashed off to Dublin today to catch up with Donatella and Robby where we ate Irish fruit bread and apple and lemon cake, and saw Santa making his way back to a bathing shelter after having his dip in the sea.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys in Britain are required to have a passport

15th Dec – We went to see Ruth, Haydn, Joel, Phoebe, and Lucy today. All meals included butternut – which donkey was very pleased about.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys can live to a great age.

14TH Dec – We helped Alysia decorate the Christmas tree and had a mince pie. Afterwards we had a nice snooze cuddled up amongst Coral’s wool.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys are often a lifeline to families in many regions of the world. They help with water and wood fuel collection, land cultivation, and transportation of produce to market.

13th Dec – We joined in with the worship this morning at the Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul in Kimpton where Revd. Linda Williams gave a sermon on the Gifts of Christmas

Daily Donkey Fact: In Greece donkeys were used for working on the narrow paths between vines, and their work in vineyards spread as far as Spain.

12th Dec – We visited Whitwell today and had fun with Stanley. We visited the park and learned about the nativity when we got back.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys were used to carry silk along the ‘Silk Road’ from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean in return for trade goods.

11th Dec – We visited Doug, Isabelle, Sophia and Freddie today. Freddie put the star on the tree.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys have a keen sense of curiosity.

10TH Dec – Today I went to Highcroft and played with Stanley and the Dinosaurs.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys have an incredible memory – they can recognise areas and other donkeys they were with up to twenty five years ago.

9th Dec – We visited Kirklea today and I enjoyed having a snooze next to Raven the Labrador

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys are very strong and intelligent.

8th Dec – We visited Richard, Ruth, Will, Jack and Ollie in New Zealand today. They took us out to see the sights including Te Papa (New Zealand’s National Museum), and Wellington Harbour.

8th Dec – We are very excited to welcome Donkey and his family to New Zealand. He has been given a border exception to visit, no quarantine required!

Daily Donkey Fact: Two more and up goes the Donkey – is an old cry at fairs. The showman promised his hearers that as soon as enough pennies are collected his donkey will balance on the top of a pole or ladder. It was always the matter of ’two more pennies.’ No matter how many were collected there were never enough!

7th Dec – Today we went to see the Bristow Bunch where we helped with the homework. No maths fortunately!

Daily Donkey Fact: The saying ‘Talk the hind leg off a Donkey’ means to talk non stop

6th Dec – We returned to see Julie, Paul, Barney, Toby, and George today where we were introduced to Rocket and Prickle, our two new Guinea Pig friends.

Daily Donkey Fact: The saying ‘Donkey – Work’ means groundwork, or drudgery

5th Dec We went to Hazel today and shared a lovely supper and spent a cosy night in the warm.

Daily Donkey Fact: The saying ‘Donkey’s Years’ means a long time

4th Dec – We loved seeing Suzanne and family again, and Suzanne sends best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all friends and families.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey’s Breakfast is a merchant navy term for a straw filled mattress.

3rd Dec – Today we visited the Wright household where we saw the bags of goodies being prepared for the church dinners this coming saturday. Keith gave Donkey a nice juicy carrot which he enjoyed.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey Engine is a small auxiliary engine.

2nd Dec – Today Rebecca, Tim, Emily, Isaac, and Hannah welcomed us to their busy home. They told us about their plans for the Christmas period and made a wish that we would share happiness and joy as we travel.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey Derby is a race in which contestants ride donkeys.

1ST Dec – Luke showed us his Lego calendar and the boat he had made, and Chloe showed us her LOL doll calendar.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey Jacket is a thick jacket worn by workman.