Donkey went with Mary, and Joseph to see Father Christmas. When asked which present they wished for most they said God’s Peace to be with us all as we remember the birth of the Prince of Peace on Christmas Day.

1st Dec. We visited Mrs McCloskey in her classroom where the childrten sang their nativity song, and then went to see Chloe and Luke in their home.

Donkey Daily Fact : One of the most famous Donkeys is Winnie-the-Poo’s friend Eeyore.

2nd Dec. We visited the Jacksons and had a wonderful day. It was a very busy with many activities including playing hide and seek, a bike ride, and playing a drum a drum set.

Donkey Daily Fact: A colt is a young male donkey which is less than four years old.

3rd Dec. We visited Hazel and Andrew today. I had a shiny red apple, and carrots to eat, and Mary and Joseph had porridge for breakfast.

Donkey Daily Fact: Dickey, Jacquot, Tewfik, Florence, and Jenny were some of Queen Victoria’s donkeys.

4th Dec. We went to Luton today to visit everyone at the over 80s meal at Central Baptist Church. We had a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and I had two helpings of trifle. I had eaten so much I had to have a sleep under the Christmas tree.

Donkey Daily Fact: A Foal is a baby donkey up to one year old.

5th Dec. This afternoon Anita took us up to chapel. We helped decorate the christmas tree, lit two advent candles, and sang Donkey songs. We had drinks and mince pies and then went with Pam for supper.

Donkey Daily Fact:  Brighty was a real-life donkey and title character in the children’s book Brighty of the Grand Canyon.

6th Dec. We visited Hazel at Willow Court today. Donatella also visited and we had a nice chat with Hazel and I explored and visited other residents and staff.

Donkey Daily Fact: Filly is a young female donkey less than four years of age.

7th Dec. We went to Tuesday Fellowship at the chapel today with Christine. We sang carols, had mince pies, and cups of tea. Then we went to Christines for the night.

Donkey Daily Fact: Asino is the Italian word for Donkey.

8th Dec. We went to see Julie Paul Barney Toby & George today. We arrived just after the school nativity play, and we helped put up put Christmas lights. 

Donkey Daily Fact: Yearling is a young donkey between one and two years old

9th Dec. We visited Beth, Neil, Toby, Lauren, and Jess today. We went with them to Kimpton Primary School. Wow we were kept busy. There was a wonderful farmyard set out which we could play with.

Donkey Daily Fact: Donkey in Albanian is Gomar.

10th Dec. We went to see Lindsey, Ed, Sam, and George today. Donkey went with Lindsey to do some admin at the Harpenden Vaccination and was surprise to hear that 100 million vaccines have now been given in England with 90% at local centres like that one.

Donkey Daily Fact: Puzzle is a talking donkey in the Chronicles of Narnia book by C.S. Lewis

11TH Dec. We went to see Emily, Ian and Stanley today. They took us on to a trip to the garden centre to feed the geese and ducks . We liked the Christmas displays in the shop.

Donkey Daily Fact: Average donkey’s stand 3 to 4 feet in height at the shoulder.

12th Dec. we visited Doug, Isabelle, Sophia, and Freddie today. Freddie told us his seasonal joke. What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet? The Christmas alphabet has No L (Noel) 🎅🎅🎅 Ho Ho Ho!!

Donkey Daily Fact:  Donkey in Polish is Osioł.

13th Dec. We went to see Haydn Ruth and Lucy today and played Pin the tail on the donkey.

Donkey Daily Fact:  In the USA if a donkey is less than three feet tall at the shoulder when it is fully mature it is a miniature donkey.

14TH Dec. We went to Rosemary and Gary’s new home today. We enjoyed our day helping with the festive decorations.

Donkey Daily Fact:   Poitou is a breed of donkey from France.

15th Dec. We very much enjoyed meeting Ella-Jane’s naughty elves this afternoon and we decided to surprise Ella by collecting her from school.

Donkey Daily Fact: Donkey in French is Âne.

16th Dec. We went to Kimpton today. We went with Coral and the dogs to deliver secret Santa parcels in the village and some treats to the church food table. 

Donkey Daily Fact: Spotted donkeys are identifiable by their spotted coat.

17th Dec. We stayed in Kimpton today with Andy and Juliet. Andy showed us a poem by G.K.Chesterton which has the title The Donkey.

Donkey Daily Fact: Burro is the Spanish word for a donkey

18th Dec. We have been travelling today and were lucky enough to hitch a ride back from New Zealand with Richard and family.

Donkey Daily Fact: Grand Noir du Berry donkeys come from the Berry region of France

19th Dec. We went to Chapel today for the All Age Carol Service where we saw four Advent candles being lit and we all sang carols.

Donkey Daily Fact: Donkey in German is Esel.

20th Dec. We went to see Mim, Katy (and Bob) and Tasha (and David) today. Katy’s husband had tested positive for Covid and has to stay in. Mim made a Christmas wreath for her front door, Tasha has a flat pack real Christmas Tree, and Katy has a Christmas fruitcake to decorate.

Donkey Daily Fact: Queen Victoria’s first donkey was Dickey who was given to her by her uncle when she was a little girl.

21st Dec. We had an exciting day, Steven took me to his favourite Juice bar which is in The Mall in Luton. Steven enjoyed a ‘Go Nuts’ smoothie and I ate and drank from my new bowl and cup which Steven’s auntie made for me.

Donkey Daily Fact: Abyssinian donkeys are common in Ethiopia.

22nd. We went to see Peter today and used his ocmputer to look up Donkey’s in the bible. According to an Internet Bible reference there are 142 references to the donkey in the New International Version.

Donkey Daily Fact:  Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey was the star in a 1960s novelty record.

23rd. We spent the day with Jonathan, Donna, Mary & Mabel today where we helped with lots of arts & crafts.

Donkey Daily Fact:  Jacquot was Queen Victoria’s favourite donkey. She saw him pulling a cart in the French Riviera and haggled with a French peasant herself to buy him for 200 francs.

24th. We went to Whipsnade zoo today with David and Nicholas and saw many interesting animals such as: chimpanzees, flamingos, penguins, rhinos, giraffes, tigers, wolverines and some ponies.

Donkey Daily Fact:  Nestor was a little grey donkey who carries Mary to Bethlehem in a TV show The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey.

25th. We are visitng Rita, Claire, Tim, Hayley and Ben  today and have been given a poem for our diary