Donkey went with Mary, and Joseph to see Father Christmas. When asked which present they wished for most they said God’s Peace to be with us all as we remember the birth of the Prince of Peace on Christmas Day.

1st December…. Chloe and Luke welcomed us today and gave us a piece of chocolate from their Advent Calendar.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey Jacket  is a thick jacket worn

2nd December…. We visited Rebecca,Tim, Emily, Isaac, Hannah today.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey Derby is a race in which contestants ride donkeys.

3rd December…. What a busy day! We arrived in Kimpton where we found the Christmas Market! There were people all over the place, not only on The Green, but also in the Church, with people looking for a bargain!

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey Engine is a small auxiliary engine.

4th December…. After our busy visit on Saturday at the Christmas Market at Kimpton with Andy & Juliet we went off to Suffolk to catch up with Coral & Paul. After a good nights sleep we enjoyed a stroll on the beach this morning with our new friend Shelly and afterwards we returned to Kimpton for the Sunday morning service.

Daily Donkey Fact: A Donkey’s Breakfast is a merchant navy term for a straw-filled mattress.

5th December…. We went to see Hazel at Willow Court today where we were all looked after very well by the staff and we had a long chat with Hazel.

Daily Donkey Fact: The saying ‘Donkey’s Years’ means a long time.

6th December…. We went to the chapel today for Carols with Liz.

Daily Donkey Fact: The saying ‘Donkey-work’ means groundwork, or drudgery.

7th December…. We went to see Christine today. A Christmas tree was hanging on the wall and Chrisitne had a wooden nativity scene just like when the inn keeper found room for the three of us in a stable when Jesus was born.

Daily Donkey Fact: The saying ‘Talk the hind leg off a donkey’   means to talk non stop.

8th December….We visited Julie Paul Barney Toby and George today. George was in a nativity play and we saw the familys christmas tree.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys are very strong and intelligent.

9th December …. It was a very cold and frosty morning when we arrived today. George came out to play, he was very excited to see us.  We played ball for a while before going back inside for some warm porridge for breakfast.  

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys have an incredible memory – they can recognise areas and other donkeys they were with up to 25 years ago.

10th December…. We went to visit Lindsey, Ed, Sam, and George today and we helped put lights and decorations on the tree.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys have a keen sense of curiosity

11th December….We travelled far from home today but still managed to arrive in New Zealand in time to watch the football.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys were used to carry silk along the ‘Silk Road’ from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean in return for trade goods.

12th December…..  Freddie share a good joke with us today – What do you get when you cross a duck with Santa? A Christmas quacker.

Daily Donkey Fact: In Greece donkeys were used for working on the narrow paths between vines and their work in vineyards spread as far as Spain.

13th December…. We went to see Rosemary and Gary today, helped with the decorationsm and were introduced to Mr Unicorn a new addition to their Christmas toy collection.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkey’s help with water and wood fuel collection, land cultivation and transportation of produce to market.

14th December…. We visited Jeeves today. Eveyone at his home send Christmas Greetings.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys have been recorded in everything from ancient Egyptian artwork to merchant scrolls about people traveling the Silk Road.

15th December…We had a lovely day with Stanley in Peters Green, playing in the snow and learning all about the nativity story.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys like to munch on grasses, grains, oats and barley straw. Domesticated donkeys are usually fed hay, but they enjoy special treats like apples, pears, beets, bananas, bread, and molasses.

16th December…. We went to see everone at The Bright star today.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys love bananas, and they aren’t put off by the bitter taste of the peel like humans are. Many donkeys will take the whole thing right out of your hand.

17th December…. Last night we went to stay with Robby and Donatella. Donatella showed us some craft work.Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys can pull about twice their body weight across flat, even terrain.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys can pull about twice their body weight across flat, even terrain.

18th December… We went to the All Age Carol Service at the Chapel today.

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys keep a normal clock and will go to sleep at night with the other farm animals, but they snooze while standing up.

19th December….We went singing carols at Bedford station today. My favourite was We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Daily Donkey Fact: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey

20th December…. We visited Guildford today and were happily surprised to find a Farmers’ Market in town, I helped shop and we settled on 3 jars of very nice artisan jam. 

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkeys came to England with the Roman invasion of Britain

21st December…. We went to visit Reg & Karen in the Falkland Islands today.

Daily Donkey Fact: One of the most famous Donkeys is Winnie-the-Poo’s friend Eeyore.

22nd December….We went to see Hazel and Andrew today. I had fresh hay, a bucket of water, and fresh carrots.

Daily Donkey Fact: Queen Victoria’s first donkey was Dickey who was given to her by her uncle when she was a little girl.

23rd December…. We enjoyed spending the day with Mary and Mabel and played lots of games together

Daily Donkey Fact: Donkey Daily Fact:  Jacquot was Queen Victoria’s favourite donkey. She saw him pulling a cart in the French Riviera and haggled with a French peasant herself to buy him for 200 francs.

24th December…. We enjoyed our annual trip to Whipsnade zoo today.

Daily Donkey Fact: Puzzle is a talking donkey in the Chronicles of Narnia book by C.S. Lewis