Donkey went with Mary, and Joseph to see Father Christmas. When asked which present they wished for most they said God’s Peace to be with us all as we remember the birth of the Prince of Peace on Christmas Day.

1st December – We went to see Sharon, Mark, Chloe, and Luke today and we played with the dinosaurs.

Donkey Daily Fact – Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey.

3rd December – We arrived back in Kimpton today after visitng Cleethorpes with Carly, Tony, and Thea.

4th December – Andy has a virus so we put him in quarantine with food, drink, and his bible.

5th December – We went to the chapel today and sang carols and had tea and cakes.

6th December – We went to see Emily Isaac, Hannah and their mum.. We made tuna pasta bake with Emily

7th December – We went to see Hazel today at Willow Court. Donkey was really fussed over there.

8th December – We went to see Julie, Paul Barney Toby & George. We looked at the wonky but wonderful Christmas tree and we read the Christmas story together.

9th December – Beth, Neil, Toby, Lauren, and Jess took us to London today where we saw wonderful Christmas Lights.

10th December – We went to see Lindsey, Ed, Sam and George . George and his friends cooked a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

11th December – We had a lovely day in the fresh winter sunshine today, going for a litter picking walk with Eliza and Rufus

12th December -We visited a next door parish for a great Christmas lunch with other Peters Greeners today.

13th December -We all had a wonderful day on Santa’s sleigh with Dasher and Dancer,  finished with a nice evening in front of the fire.

14th December – We went to the Bright Star today to see Guy, family, and friends

15th December – We went to see Donatella and Robby today. D made a cute little donkey for me.

16th December – We went to see Emily, Ian, & Stanley today.

17th December – We went to the chapel today for the All Age Carol service.

18th December – We went to New Zealand today to see Ruth, Richard, William, Jack, & Oliver and we saw the Anglican Cathedral.

19th December – Today we had a lovely time seeing Mim, Katy and Tasha again .

20th December – Today we went to see Christine and had lots of food .

21st December – Today we continued on our journey .

22nd December – We spent the day with Pam today and wnet to see the Priory Church at Dunstable which is very old.

23rd December – We went to see the ducks and geese at Wardown Park in Luton before going to the museum to see Father Christmas

24th December – We went to Central Baptist Church for Messy Church and then to Whipsnade Zoo